Portable Gas Detection

Global Energy’s Wireless Gas Detectors provide immediate, accurate gas readings for gases liberated while drilling. The gases are read using industry leading Infra-Red technology that provides readings for both Total (C1-C5) and Methane gas.

Wireless encrypted data from the gas detector is sent to the well site geologist to provide instant feedback on the gases released from the drilling fluid into the gas trap. These gas readings along with data collected from the electronic drilling recorder create a detailed look at the gas present in the wellbore.

Our gas detection product is one of the lightest in the industry, and coupled with the Class 1 Div 2 rating provide the well site geologist with an approved tool to get their job done. We have released a new version of our easy to use software interface, along with new hardware to make the job easier for the well site geologist.


  • Multiple Source Infra-Red Technology to Identify Hydrocarbon Gases
  • Convenient and Easy Data Exports
    • Multiple Data Export Options
    • Compatible with all Strip Log Programs
  • Multiple Wells Tracked by LSD
  • Compatible with all Drilling Recorders (WITS)
  • New Easy to Navigate Software
  • Class 1/ Div 2 Certified
    • Group C and D Approved
  • Low Maintenance Gas Drying System
  • Secure Wireless Communication

Product Images

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