Remote Camp Communications

Global Energy offers an extensive line of products for Remote Camp Communication. Working with your camp provider Global Energy has extensive experience in the logistical task of providing communications to remote sites that are seamless and effective. From emergency portable satellite phones to complete satellite Voice (VoIP) and data connectivity. We work with you to customize the best solution for any size remote camp.

Satellite Communications Solutions

Global Energy offers the most advanced satellite Internet product available. Designed for business applications and based on proven satellite technology, the Enterprise Class Broadband Business Solution provides flexible IP connectivity for data and voice. It’s compatible with our existing product line and delivers seamless voice and data connectivity to remote sites.

Cellular Communications Solutions

Mobile Towers and Cellular Repeaters

  • No need for provided phones or calling cards
  • Users use their own phones
  • For use on Bell and Telus networks
  • Unlimited number of users on each repeater
  • Indoor antennas allow for additional coverage throughout camp

Cellular Phones and Modems Rentals

  • Plans managed by Global to ensure lowest possible usage costs

Two Way Radios

  • Kenwood Mobile/Seat Mount Road Radio
  • Custom frequency programming available
  • Daily and monthly rates available
  • Portable radios with all accessories
  • Multi Radio Chargers

Product Images

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