In Vehicle Installation Solutions

Global Energy services provided professional in-vehicle solutions for all fleet and personal applications. With safety, time management and communication with your field staff and office a priority, Global Energy will upfit your vehicle with the latest technology customized to your specific needs. From hands free kits, GPS systems, to laptop mounts, Global Energy’s professional technicians will turn your vehicle into your personal remote office.

Product includes:

  • Bluetooth hands free kits, with phone cradle – Enables you to speak freely on your phone hands free through your factory installed stereo system
  • Cellular Boosters – Enhances the cellular signal (3-watts) in your vehicle to optimize the cellular coverage footprint.
  • Phone specific and universal cradles – Cradles that are made for your specific smart phones. Optimizes signal strength, phone directory, calendar, and all functions your smart phone is capable of performing.
  • In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) – Monitors your travel time, speed, off road or secondary road tracking, and vehicle status. Will also monitor any stolen vehicle for up to 5 hours while vehicle is turned off.
  • Two-Way Radio – Hardwired into your vehicle for two-way communication. Digital/analog radios available
  • Laptop Mount/Stand – Mounted in your vehicle a laptop stand provides a stable, adjustable solution for field data communications. Laptop stands do not require holes to be drilled, use existing seat mounts.
  • Power Inverter – Allows you to operate multiple 110 volt devices including your laptop, handheld satellite phone etc.
  • Fire extinguisher mounting bracket – Mounted for safety and ease of accessibility.
  • Customized installs – Global Energy will install any product that is requested by client to specific needs of interest.
  • GPS Navigational Systems - Provides record of your fleet’s activity, monitors and alerts when speeding, harsh breaking and accidents occur. Customizable alerts and reports specific to client requirements, web based.
  • Satellite Radio – Providing seamless radio signal throughout North America specific to your provider.
  • Portable Satellite phones – Hand held satellite phones capable of sending and receiving data and phone calls throughout North America. Hands free kits provide signal within the vehicle, line of site when away from the vehicle.

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