Global Energy Services is an Enform COR certified company and is in full compliance with all Health and Safety regulations. We have ratings available for viewing with both ComplyWorks and ISNetWorld.

Safety is an integral part of our company’s work. It is part of our operations and is there to protect our employees, clients, property, the environment and the public.

In addition to protection of lives, our safety program contributes to employee morale and pride because our employees participate in identifying safety needs and developing safe work procedures. All field technicians have completed and maintain all tickets required to work on site. These tickets include H2S Alive, Fall Arrest, First Aid, as well all field technicians are required to complete a defensive driving course.

Through regular safety meetings (with both field and office personnel), hazard identification processes and worksite inspections, Global Energy has been able to develop a very advanced safety program to help protect out employees, clients and the public.

Global has successfully held a Partnerships certificate of recognition since 2001. Through regular audits of the safety program we continue to exceed the requirements set forth by Partnerships, and our clients.